There you are, home alone, with your laptop or with your kids' and their schoolbooks. Actually the office wasn't that bad. Were are the days you could chit-chat at the coffee-counter, asking your colleague how they're really doing. That's why we've created I-actually-miss-the-office: a fun way to reconnect with your colleagues, without having to talk about your day-to-day work and be virtually back at the office.


During I-actually-miss-the-office you have a good conversation with each other using our set of fun and surprising questions.  And additionally you accept the challenge to find the code to an online puzzle within 15 minutes. Will you make it?

I actually miss the office

€ 175,00Prijs
  • Please note: the costs are € 175,- per team with a maximum number of 15 participants. You can play the game at the same time with more than one team.

    The online I-actually-miss-the-office-meeting consists of 2 parts.

    Part 1: Conversation game
    Using a special set of surprising personal questions you and your colleagues ask and answer several questions. Just like you used to do at the office, and not about your day-to-day work.

    Part 2: Online escape room 
    In the second part of the meeting you'll try to unravel a code to unlock a very special website. Will you crack the code within 15 minutes?