The one-and-only I-actually-miss-the-office-box. A refreshing offline tool that allows you and your teammates to digitally chit chat, without talking about work. A brief moment in which you can be back at the office.


€ 11,75Prijs
Number of team members
  • In every I-actually-miss-the-office-box we included for all your teammates:

    • A gift. For all your colleagues we packed a 'Rose of Jericho'. With this extraordinary plant you can all grow your own home-office-garden.
    • A conversation game. All your colleagues receive one of more card(s) with refreshing questions. For example: how do you experience working at home with your kids, how can you and your colleagues help each other deal with this and what does your lunch look like? With these cards you get the opportunity to have a casual chit chat, the kind of conversation that a regular call doesn't accomodate. Playtime: approximately 30 minutes.
    • An online escape room. You all receive part of the solution to this onlne escape room. Will you succeed to crack the code? Playtime: approximately 15 minutes.